What is greenravine dot net? a family website; a testing ground; a photo gallery

The name comes from the Green Ravine family farm was founded in 1978 when Craig and Martye Green moved out of the Sacramento suburbs and emigrated to the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Green Ravine was our name for our 22 acres of farm and vineyard in the foothills of northern California on the banks of Auburn Ravine.  We lived there happily for 28 years raising livestock and children; growing grapes and making pretty darn good wine.

Then, in 2007, an unexpected change occurred - we decided to move.  We had many times found ourselves musing about living in different places as we travelled and finally, in late 2006, we travelled to a place that seemed a good fit — San Juan Island, Washington.  For two multi-generation Californians this was an enormous change but, in retrospect, not necessarily unexpected.  The beautiful golden state of our youth no longer existed and the clearer skies, cooler climate, the peaceful pace of an island community and friendly people of Washington called to us. It was a siren song that we did not resist.

Our children thought we were crazy, our friends thought we were crazy and at times we thought we were crazy.  And it truly was a crazy leap of faith but it seems to have worked out well. 

Please enjoy what is here.

It's about creative thinking which is often considerably more fun than left-brain, analytical thinking

I freely admit that web design is somewhat of a hobby.  It's certainly self-taught and I am, by no means, an expert in all areas of website design.  I like the challenge and the creative process and find satisfaction in the resulting functional and beautiful site that I can bring into existence for someone.

About the Sites

The San Juan Museum of Art web site is a volunteer piece of work because they felt they needed a new direction.  I looked at what they had and thought I could make their web site look a bit more like it was about art.  This is a fairly large site due to the amount of artwork that they wished to display.

KathleenBallardPhotography - In color and style the site is very much like what she had previously because she liked it.  While keeping the prior look the site has been optimized for search engines.  (her previous site had all the text in an image so that search engines had no clue what the site was about).  The site also has a gallery that the photographer can manage herself.

The Placer Wine Trail site is a site I started and maintained for years back when we lived in California and had a winery in Placer County.  The work is now done at the behest of the Placer Vintners group.

San Juan Island Museum of Art

Kathleen Ballard Photography

Placer Wine Trail

Visual Artists of the San Juan Islands


Long ago ... it must be ...
I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories;
They're all that's left you.

     --Paul Simon, Bookends Theme (1968)

My own interest in photography started long ago when my parents got me what I think was a Brownie Starflex camera to take on an elementary school field trip to Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.  The oldest wildlife refuge anywhere in North America, Lake Merritt was something of an urban miracle.  I still remember the photograph I took of a beautiful white swan that was there.  I no longer have that photograph nor any others that I'm certain took with that camera although the one to the right might have been one.  It's a photograph I took at sunrise while on a Campfire Girls campout at Donner Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Now I shoot with a very nice Nikon digital camera.  I love digital because it allows me to shoot images in a lot of experimental ways without paying for all the mistakes to be printed.  :)  I'm not a professional, by any stretch of the imagination, but I like the ability to freeze a moment in time and preserve it and I enjoy the process.

There is a small gallery of images here ranging from the minimally edited, realistic images to the wildly edited images that I “played” with.  I find both ends of the spectrum and everything in between to be rewarding. If you like, accompany me to the gallery to see what's there.

Local LinksSan Juan Islands, Washington

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